Fully Supported Technologies

 Blackboard Collaborate

BB Collaborate is a webinar tool for synchronous (“real-time”) communication fully supported by UBC which enhances interactivity between teacher and students (and among students) in an the online course environment. It supports text chat, audio chat and video chat.



Blogs are a great tool to maintain a web presence and can also be used as Course Blogs integrated with the Connect LMS. They’re used widely at Sauder for instructors to host course content and post announcements for a course or a program as well as for students to create their personal blog or to showcase projects and course work. You can create your own blog at



Powerful, yet easy-to-use, Camtasia helps you create professional videos without having to be a video pro. Easily record your on-screen activity or import HD camera video, customize and edit content, and share your videos with viewers on nearly any device. To download and obtain a UBC Licence, go to Connect → Resources → Software Distribution and select Click here to download software.



Get to know Canvas

Get to know Canvas, the Blackboard Learn (Connect) replacement, by visiting the UBC Sauder Canvas Resources site. This site includes Quick Start guides, videos from recent Faculty led training sessions and more!

Get Started

Contact Learning Services to set up one-on-one training by emailing or calling 604-827-1568.


New application for peer feedback. ComPAIR was conceived as a way of using the Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) method as part of student assignments. This method is based on the law of comparative judgement (L.L. Thurstone, 1927), which holds that people are far more reliable when comparing one thing with another than when making absolute judgements without any comparison.



UBC’s current Learning Management System that allows faculty to supplement their course material with online components. You can access Connect by going to

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 Course Reserves (David Lam Library)

For more information see or contact (604-822-9391).


CoursEval provides a secure mechanism for managing student evaluations of UBC courses, while maintaining the confidentiality of student responses as required by the Senate Policy on Student Evaluations of Teaching.

For more information see or contact


The i>Clicker is a device used as part of an ‘audience response system’ at UBC. Students use i>Clickers to instantly provide feedback and answer questions posed by their instructors.

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iPeer allows teams to evaluate each other based on a rubric or instructor specified evaluation criteria. It also allows you to to review and release student comments, build progress report forms online, and analyze evaluation results. iPeer features a built-in user management system integrated into Connect with single-sign-on, data import/export, and an easy-to-use installer.



Kaltura allows you to store, embed, and stream your videos online. Kaltura is a service offered from within UBC Connect and accessed via My Media links in Connect.


 Microsoft Office Suite

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access offer powerful tools to support your class materials. If you need assistance with more advanced features of these Microsoft Office Suite tools, we can help. We’ll make sure you know what’s available to you and guide you in the use of these tools.


Panopto is an all-in-one video platform that brings video recording, webcasting, video content management, search, editing and more to any laptop or iOS device. Panopto can be used to simultaneously record multiple student presentations of both live video of the student presenter along with their full-screen slideshow in a separate window. The recordings are available online, allowing instructors and students to review the presentations quickly and easily.

 Respondus & StudyMate

Respondus is great for creating questions for assessments and quizzes, then uploading them into Connect. It can also be used to upload a batch of questions into multiple sections. StudyMate by Respondus® is a technology that creates Flash-based learning activities and games to aid in studying and learning.

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 SMART Podium TM

Versatile and compact, the SMART Podium™ 500 series interactive pen display can work where you do. Ideal for small desktops or lecterns, the 500 series enables you to write over any presentation in digital ink, highlight digital content and take notes. Your audience will see your writing projected onto a large screen as you deliver prepared or spontaneous material.

See SMART Podium 500 Series Support Documents


Turnitin is a suite of tools for improving student writing that includes ways of checking the originality of the writing to prevent plagiarism and providing detailed instructor and peer feedback for each student. Turnitin has a suite of internal tools that includes: OriginalityCheck, PeerMark, GradeMark.