Our 2018 MBAN graduates are ready for the hiring market

The Masters of Business Analytics (MBAN) at UBC Sauder isn’t just about technical knowhow; it captures the full analytics spectrum, from data management to data analytics to decision analytics. That means by the time our first cohort of MBAN students graduate, they will enter the market ready to make strategically sound recommendations and data-driven business decisions, to meet your needs.

Why choose a UBC MBAN graduate?

This is the first graduating class of the MBAN program and the only program at UBC that is equal parts data analysis and big picture business. These students are data experts who can help you translate substantial data sets into business insight.

When are MBAN graduates available?

The graduating MBAN class of 2018 will enter the job market and be available for full-time employment in June and September 2018.

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