Your Personalized Career Journey

Gain a competitive edge in the job market with the award-winning Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre (BCC). Throughout your time in the B+MM Dual Degree, you’ll work one-on-one with the BCC’s career coaches to fine-tune your profile and outlook.

B+MM Dual Degree students are the only non-Commerce students at UBC who will get the chance to explore industries and roles through BCC career resources, services and support.

Time Period

Skills Learned & Exercises


Year 1 of Undergraduate Years



  • Build basic career management skills
  • Begin to think about careers that interest you
  • Compose effective resumes and professional introductions
  • Engage in self-awareness and assessment exercises
  Year 2 of Undergraduate Years


  • Develop your personal brand and online presence
  • Develop 21st century competencies that business requires
  • Gain an introduction to networking skills
  Year 3 of Undergraduate Years


  • Build and manage targeted networks
  • Deepen insights into your value contribution
  • Explore roles and industries you’re considering
  • Work with a personal career counselor
  Year 4 of Undergraduate Years


  • Gain insights into recruitment process
  • Build and develop networking and communication strategies
  • Improve your interviewing skills and confidence
  Master of Management Component


  • Receive customized coaching on specific job applications
  • Focus on securing full-time position in area of interest
  • Connect with employers and attend recruiting events

Utilize UBC Sauder’s Connections

Whether it’s a fast-moving startup, a not-for-profit organization or a big global brand, we build relationships with employers so that you have more career opportunities.

  • Networking events with companies and industry experts
  • Information sessions about what it’s like to work in certain industries
  • Access to UBC Sauder’s global alumni network of 39,000+ alumni in 74 countries
  • UBC Sauder-exclusive job board

Your connection to the BCC also doesn't end once your graduate - as a UBC Sauder alum, you'll always be able to work with the BCC.