Management Science

The complexity of modern organizations necessitates the use of mathematical modeling techniques. Management Science and Operations Research are concerned with the application of mathematical models to decision problems in business, industry, government and other organizations. 

Our PhD program offers a wide variety of courses in Management Science, Operations Research and Operations Management, exposing students to the latest methods, recent modeling approaches and current issues in the general areas of operations and logistics. 

Sauder's Centre for Operations Excellence (COE) provides a focus for applied management science and business statistics activities at UBC. This centre offers PhD students the opportunity to work on significant applied projects.

The Management Science PhD program is intended for students with strong technical background who aspire to a career either in academia, industrial research, or as a high level staff member in government or industry. The Operations and Logistics Division, which offers the Management Science PhD program, has earned a justifiably high reputation as one of the best research departments in North America.  

Its current research focus emphasizes Supply Chain Management and Health Care Management. Graduates from the Management Science PhD program are respected for both the quality and creativity of their research. Many of them hold positions at leading schools in Canada, the USA and worldwide. Others have taken up careers in a wide variety of organizations.

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Professor Steven Shechter
Management Science PhD Advisor