Careers in Operations Research & Analytics

"The UBC MM in OR degree... has allowed me to jump-start my career. I found myself highly employable and was able to find full-time work even before graduation."

Aleksey Nozdryn-Plotnicki, Graduate 2007
Consultant, Capgemini Consulting

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Operations research and analytics is distinguished by a broad applicability and a wide variety of career opportunities. OR specialists may be practitioners engaged in teaching, conducting research, consulting, business analysis or implementing OR models in sectors including academia, industry, or public service. Many jobs in operations research and analytics have titles such as operations analyst, process improvement manager, operations engineer, systems analyst, or business analyst.

OR professionals may participate in one phase of OR process such as modeling, analysis, or implementation, or they may participate in all aspects of a project or business initiative. Within the field, some OR professionals remain generalists while others specialize in particular tools or problem domains. Because the concepts and methods of OR are so pervasive, OR offers very flexible career paths.

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