UBC Student Housing

A variety of on-campus single student, couples and family accommodation is available for students entering the program.

This is available through UBC Housing and Conferences. As campus housing through UBC Housing & Conferences is in demand and the residence application process is entirely separate from the MM admission process, you should not wait for your acceptance to the UBC MM before applying for housing. We strongly encourage you to apply for housing even before applying to the UBC MM Program.

Graduate Colleges

Green College, St.John's College and St. Andrew's Hall also provide graduate student housing. The colleges are not part of the UBC Housing department or the MM Office and housing applications must be made separately to each college.

  • Green College: A residential college with an interdisciplinary focus that is available to 85 single or married graduate students without children.
  • St. John's College: A residential college that has an international focus is available to 142 single and married graduate students without children.
  • St. Andrew's Hall: A residential college sponsored by the Presbyterian Church in Canada. A variety of options are available for full-time UBC students for singles, married couples or families with children.