Career Outcomes

Earning a Master of Management (MM) from the Robert H. Lee Graduate School represents a significant step in your career development. The MM experience, from entry to graduation and beyond, is about what you put into it. It is a life-changing opportunity to learn about yourself, define your offering to the market, and connect with the industries that make the most sense for you.

While a number of our MM graduates choose to pursue corporate careers, many are attracted to smaller, fast-growth companies, and a large number choose to leverage their new business skills in careers related to their non-business degrees, ranging from engineering and economics to humanities and social science.

MM Class of 2016 Career Outcomes


Other Alumni Profiles


Christine Freight

Christine Freight
MM 2012

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Chris Gorczynski
MM 2013
UBC Centre for Health
Services & Policy

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John Holt

John Holt
MBA 2010

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