Your Path to Success

Though undeniably rigorous, the Professional MBA program is designed to be manageable. Built on the feedback of past candidates, the Professional MBA is the evolution of our Part-time MBA program. Click for the Program Calendar to see the dates of classes and examinations, and the brochure for the timeline of the program.

Program Calendar

Program Calendar


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MBA Academic Prep

The fast pace of the UBC Professional MBA program necessitates that all students have a foundational proficiency in Quantitative Methods and familiarity with Statistics and Economics. To aid in ensuring that you have adequate knowledge in the above subjects, as well as relevant skills in Microsoft Excel and professional writing, a variety of online tutorials and resources to review has been compiled for admitted students.

Core Curriculum

With classes every 2 to 3 weekends, this intensive curriculum ensures students have the critical skills and knowledge to think about business at a strategic and holistic level. To allow you to focus your studies, two modules are taught over six weeks. To ensure ease of access, exams are administered online.

Our Professional MBA is built on critical business skills that will help form the next phase of your career, no matter where that might be.


Foundations in Accounting I


Learn how to use the information contained in financial statements to make better business decisions.


Foundations in Accounting II


Build on the skills learned in Foundations in Accounting I and learn the intricacies of managerial accounting.

  Introductory Finance

Analyze corporate decisions from a financial point of view and understand basic economic issues. Learn core finance principles and become skilled in financial decision-making.



Understand the processes used to produce and deliver goods and/or services to customers so you can help your organization execute its strategic goals.


Learn to develop marketing strategies through market segmentation, marketing plan development and profitability assessment of products and services.

  Foundations of Managerial and Business Economics  

Examine the supply and demand framework to consider the optimal behaviour of firms and consumers.

  Application of Statistics in Management

Apply statistical modeling used in finance and marketing in a managerial setting.

  Building High Performance Teams and Organizations

Gain a set of frameworks and process that will help you effectively lead alongside others in organizations.

  Investment Theory and Asset Pricing

Understand asset pricing models, as well as risk, return and diversification using stock market data.