Stephanie Chan

Exploration inspiration

Stephanie Chan leveraged her enterprising spirit and UBC MBA into an Italian student exchange, a student tour of China, and an international career at Ralph Lauren in Hong Kong.


Adventure may not be Stephanie Chan’s middle name, but it would certainly fit.

Despite an “extremely rewarding” career at the head office of Aritzia, a major retailer in Vancouver, Stephanie’s restless spirit called on her to take new chances. “I always knew I wanted to go back to school,” she says. “Then one day, I hit a milestone anniversary with my company and my life flashed before my eyes. I loved what I did, but I realized that there were other things on the bucket list I needed to accomplish.”

One key item on that list was an MBA. “I was looking for a different type of challenge that I knew an MBA would provide — and my UBC MBA did not disappoint,” Stephanie exclaims.

From education comes inspiration

Specializing in the Product and Service Management track with an emphasis in marketing, Stephanie’s desire for new experiences only grew during the program. Meeting international students, organizing a student trip to China, and going on exchange to Italy inspired her to pack up her Vancouver life and explore the globe after graduation.

“Physically, my UBC MBA took me across the world,” she enthuses. “Mentally, it opened up my mind to possibilities.”

Moving up, moving out

One of the most intriguing possibilities to Stephanie was an Asian adventure.

“After I returned home from completing my student exchange in Italy, I immediately packed my bags and moved to Asia to check out opportunities (and travel),” she says. “Now I am in Hong Kong. The whole thing has been fantastic!”

Stephanie found more than intrigue on her journey. She also secured a fulfilling job at multinational luxury goods retailer Ralph Lauren. Serving as planning manager in the Merchandise Assortment Planning Division, she is passionate about her work and new home town.

“I am based out of Hong Kong but cover the Asia-Pacific region,” she says. “The city is full of energy, very international and a great hub for travel.” The large UBC and Sauder alumni network there has also served Stephanie and “made it very easy to network in the city.”

Sharing the wealth

Keen to impart her knowledge, Stephanie has some advice for those considering an MBA. “Choosing a business school is not just about what you learn within the four walls of a classroom. It is about the entire experience. Vancouver is a great city to live and work. You’re also a stone’s throw away from the U.S. and Asia if you want to be close to other career opportunities. The experience is absolutely beautiful, so breathe it all in!”


Name: Stephanie Chan
Title: Planning manager, Merchandise Assortment Planning Division, Ralph Lauren, Hong Kong
Graduating year: 2012
Track: Product and Service Management
Nationality: Canadian (Vancouver)