UBC MBA is a Force at Salesforce

By broadening and deepening their business acumen, UBC Sauder’s rigourous Full-Time MBA program equips professionals like Kim Zatlyn with the skills and expertise to chart new courses in their demanding careers.

Meet Kim

When Kim Zatlyn sought out the fast-paced world of tech, she used the UBC MBA as a launch pad to get her there.

By any measure, Kim was successful. She was thriving in the fast-paced, competitive world of advertising.

“I was working with everything from the largest companies in Canada to smaller, local not-for-profits,” she says. “Advertising gave me a strong foundation in marketing and exposure to a broad range of businesses.”

Kim thrives on adrenaline. Even on her days off, she pushes her limits, spending her downtime trying the latest, most demanding workouts. This lightning-fast pace was something she was looking for in her career.

“I knew I ultimately wanted to get into tech,” she says. “I just didn’t know what the possibilities were or where I would fit in.”

To gain the skills she would need, she turned to UBC Sauder’s MBA program, offered by the Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

Intense. International.

Kim’s ability to handle demanding environments was tested from the start of the Full-Time MBA.

“During the first six months you’re given more than you can possibly handle,” she says. “There’s a lot to take on academically and on top of that you’re meeting all your classmates for the first time, getting involved in real-world case studies and attending talks.

“The UBC MBA teaches you to work better, faster, and smarter.”

It also taught Kim to stretch outside her comfort zone, particularly in courses like Technology Entrepreneurship.

“It changed my way of thinking,” she says. “The cases we focused on and the leaders we studied gave me insight into what I might want to do and how I might get there.”

For Kim, ‘there’ was Paris. It had been number one on her location wish list for years, so she jumped at the opportunity to do an exchange at Hautes Études Commerciales.

“I relished the opportunity to learn from industry experts during my exchange in France,” she says. “It also made me realize that one semester abroad wasn’t long enough for me; I wanted to work internationally.”

Fast Company

Kim Zatlyn

After graduation, Kim landed at eBay in London where she stayed for three years before transferring to the company’s headquarters in San Francisco’s Bay Area. That opened the door for a position with Salesforce, one of the world’s leading collaboration software companies.

“Salesforce is the fastest-moving company I’ve ever worked for,” she says. “It’s wild, the pace at which we acquire companies, evolve our processes, launch new products, and focus on new markets.”

Kim has risen quickly through Salesforce’s ranks; she is now Director, Product Marketing, a role that is matrixed across the entire company and requires cross-functional work with many different teams.

“The UBC MBA taught me how to take an idea and tailor it to the appropriate audience, which is critical now in my role at Salesforce. Every day, my team and I need to be able to execute quickly and at a really high level,” she says.

“My UBC MBA prepared me to work at this pace.”