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The UBC MBA Experience

The 16-month, full-time MBA program at UBC Sauder's Robert H. Lee Graduate School empowers candidates to embrace challenge and change their lives and businesses for the better. Challenged to strategize like a CEO, graduates move on to leadership positions in Vancouver and around the world, realizing their personal and professional potential.

Our mandatory Global Immersion Experience (GIE) allows each of our full-time MBA candidates to spend 2-weeks abroad, getting the opportunity to consult on business problems for local organizations. They begin preparing for the experience on campus before they depart, designing briefs and doing research. It's an invaluable experience that helps students understand cultural implications of business decisions and adapting to different ways of doing things.

How to Apply

Average Cohort Size MBA Average Years 2016/2017

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Our Experience

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Our Alumni Stories

The UBC MBA is celebrated for its international perspective and our students are trained to do business with a global mind. Our program is a jumping off point for game-changing careers both domestically and internationally.

      Kim     Jordan Cash     Kerry, UBC MBA

Kim Zatlyn

Director, Product Marketing

By any measure, Kim Zatlyn was successful. She was thriving in the competitive world of advertising, but she ultimately wanted to work in tech.

“I just didn’t know what the possibilities were,” she says.

To gain the skills she would need, she turned to UBC Sauder’s MBA. Now, Kim is Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce in San Francisco.

“Salesforce is the fastest-moving company I’ve ever worked for,” she says. “My UBC MBA prepared me to work at this pace.”


Jordan Cash

Cartems Donuterie

“I love making things better. I’m never satisfied with the current state of things.” Jordan Cash had a dream that he owned a donut shop. All he needed was the business acumen to complement his entrepreneurial spirit. Through the courses he took and projects he explored in the UBC MBA program, Jordan built the foundation for Cartems Donuterie, which is now a rapidly expanding brand. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thinking about marketing or operations, and thinking about what I learned at UBC Sauder,” he says.


Kerry Costello

COO, Co-Founder
HeadCheck Health

Kerry Costello has been active in sports for decades. She’s been an athlete, a coach, and now: a tech innovator. “At UBC Sauder I discovered my passion for sports medicine tech,” she says. A co-founder of HeadCheck Health, Kerry is developing an app that helps assess concussions in athletes, right on the sidelines. It’s being touted as a game-changer. “We’ve developed a way to objectively measure balance,” she says. “Reliability is higher than 91 per cent, a lot higher than the subjective methods being used in the past.”


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