The practice of law. The practicalities of business.

By earning two prestigious degrees, UBC JD/MBA candidates gain the tools to understand law from the perspective of a businessperson, and to understand business from the perspective of a lawyer. You will tackle the complexities of two diverse yet complementary disciplines, gaining expertise in all angles of law, business and management. You will learn how to operate in national and world economies that are becoming increasingly interconnected.

The UBC JD/MBA places great emphasis on practical experience through hands-on learning. The JD component includes clinical programs where you’ll engage directly with members of the legal profession and real-world clients. You’ll also develop critical professional skills such as interview techniques, evidence analysis and advocating for clients before courts.

In the MBA component of the program, you’ll embark on the Global Immersion Exchange where you’ll participate in international consulting projects and travel to another part of the world to help organizations solve real business challenges.

Over two summers, you will also complete an MBA internship and your articles. Plus, you can go on an international exchange at one of UBC Sauder’s or Allard’s partner institutions around the world.

JDMBA Program Journey

Program subject to change.

* The dual degree will be conferred only upon completion of all MBA and JD credits, at the end of Year 4.

** JD upper year curriculum including 20 law credits in corporate, commercial and taxation.

† Remaining 6 MBA credits plus the Capstone Course to be completed during years 3 & 4.


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