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Students are required to complete 86 credits in Law and 44 credits in the MBA program for a total of 130 credits. The program of study must be approved by the Assistant Dean, Students, at the Allard School of Law, and by the Director, Student Experience, in the Robert H. Lee Graduate School. The JD and MBA degrees will be conferred at the completion of the joint program after all requirements for both degrees have been met.

JD Application deadline for 2018/2019*:
December 1, 2018
MBA Application deadlines for 2018/2019:
Application Rounds Round Deadlines
1st Round
November 6, 2018
2nd Round January 8, 2019
3rd Round March 12, 2019
Final Round May 7, 2019

* If you are applying for both the JD and MBA at the same time,  please ensure you meet the deadlines for both programs. If you’re applying as a first-year JD student, consider the MBA deadlines only.

Like the program itself, the admissions process for the UBC JD/MBA is comprehensive. Candidates must meet the admission requirements and deadlines for both the JD program and MBA program.

You may apply for both the JD and the MBA at the same time or, if you are already a JD student, during your first year of law.

For more on JD admission requirements, admission process and deadlines, click here.
For more on MBA admission requirements and deadlines, click here.

The information below applies to the Full-time UBC MBA portion of the program only.

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