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A challenging business environment puts a premium on creativity. Sauder Executive Education courses in strategy, innovation and change management enable you to find creative solutions to today’s business challenges. Define the future, drive strategic innovation and deliver the organizational vision.

Harnessing Creativity for Organizational Growth

CEOs worldwide identify creativity and innovation as two of the most important skills that organizations must master in order to thrive in the new economy. This course explores creativity as a powerful organizational engine for solving complex challenges and driving business innovation.  

  • Draw out and develop your personal creative leadership skills
  • Encourage people to exercise their full creative faculties
  • Leverage creativity as a core skill for innovation in the new economy

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Leading Organizational Change

Learn tools and techniques for planning and executing the changes needed to drive your company’s strategy. Develop a game plan to build support. Sustain momentum for change while applying a disciplined approach to communicate clearly, resource accurately and avoid surprises.

  • Develop a change strategy that aligns with organizational goals
  • Inspire cultural changes needed to support a new direction 
  • Build a shared vision of success

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Strategic Decision Making

Practice techniques for making better strategic decisions in the face of complexity and uncertainty. Identify critical strategic dimensions on which to ground your decisions. Discover your options, predict consequences and link decision-making issues to strategic goals.

  • Structure your planning with systematic decision analysis
  • Overcome biases and traps that lead to unfavourable outcomes
  • Ensure your decisions keep your team moving in the right direction

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Strategy and Innovation

Designed for senior leaders, this program in residence challenges you to explore the latest strategic tools and apply them directly to your business with the support of our world-class faculty. Develop your creative potential to deliver competitive advantage for your organization. Investigate the different routes to successful innovation.

  • Capture strategic value from innovation
  • Lead the progressive change required to deliver on your vision 
  • Uncover new solutions and plan for the future

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Strategy Planning and Design

Many leaders talk about strategy, but do not have training in important strategic frameworks or a systematic approach to using them. This course develops fundamental strategic management skills that you can immediately apply back at work to improve performance and business results.

  • Explore strategy practices used by successful organizations
  • Assess and strengthen your competitive advantage
  • Build a dynamic strategy with capability for rapid re-design

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Strategy Playbook

This course integrates the best practices of strategic thinking, planning and execution. Think strategically to set the organizational vision. Cascade the vision into executable operational and tactical game plans. Help staff align their activities to support strategic goals.

  • Define your strategic options, and select the right ones
  • Create performance guidelines to enhance strategy implementation
  • Develop your skill set in applying strategic tools and processes

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Structuring and Managing Strategic Alliances

Achieve strategic objectives through alliances built on best practice and best process principles. Structure an alliance “engine of innovation” for optimum performance. Integrate your operations and foster effective teamwork across organizations.

  • Create shared architecture and breakthrough value propositions
  • Identify pitfalls and balance risks/rewards
  • Develop critical metrics to manage the alliance life cycle

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Understanding and Managing Change

Explore how change impacts people, and what you as a leader can do to help others survive and thrive through the upheaval. Practice vital skills for helping those who are struggling with change. Support your team in times of uncertainty and facilitate the transition process.

  • Step out of a victim mentality, to promote healthy transformation
  • Influence people’s perspectives, attitudes and actions
  • Implement change imposed from above

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