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Sauder Executive Education project and process management programs are designed to help you deliver mission-critical work on time and on budget. Achieve continuous efficiency, productivity and quality improvement for real-world business results.

Business Analysis Essentials for Successful Projects

Learn the functions of the Business Analyst in supporting business projects. Gain tools and techniques you can immediately apply back at work to evaluate business opportunities and to elicit, prioritize, communicate and validate requirements throughout the project life cycle. 

  • Act as a key intermediary between business and technical areas
  • Develop requirements that meet the project's strategies and objectives
  • Ensure that stakeholder needs are satisfied

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Controlling Project Scope, Time and Cost

Scope, schedule and cost are issues that lead to many conflicts throughout the project life cycle. Learn practical techniques for planning, managing and balancing these and other key project constraints. Develop processes that meet stakeholder needs while keeping projects on track.

  • Define project scope and develop the work breakdown structure
  • Determine reasonable schedules and budgets
  • Spot problems and take immediate corrective action

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Engaging and Managing Stakeholders

A key success factor in any enterprise is managing stakeholders’ expectations. Identify the right stakeholders, obtain their buy-in and align their requirements to organizational objectives. Build a pragmatic approach to continuously engage and influence key stakeholders.

  • Plan, execute and refine a stakeholder management plan
  • Identify stakeholder barriers and balance conflicting needs
  • Generate cooperation, collaboration and consensus

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Fundamentals of Business Process Management

The daily operations of most firms involve the flow of goods and services through processes. Explore basic concepts and practices in designing and managing business processes. Get applied experience in process mapping, process improvement and process change management.

  • Create processes that can help you do more with less
  • Fix broken processes and optimize capacity
  • Manage process variability, risk and change

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

This premium program combines in-class training, coaching support, improvement project and certification exam. Students who successfully pass the exam and project review are awarded the Fujitsu Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Delivered in partnership with Fujitsu Consulting.

  • Learn Lean Six Sigma concepts and processes
  • Get applied practice in conducting an improvement project
  • Become a certified, industry-recognized professional

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

This workshop introduces the concepts, tools and methodologies of LSS. Expand your familiarity with the DMAIC framework. Explore how LSS can be used in strategic initiatives and projects across different industries. Build hands-on skills that you can apply immediately back at work.

  • Employ LSS to drive a continuous improvement culture
  • Apply the DMAIC framework to everyday business problems
  • Enable data-driven decisions

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Procurement and Contract Management Practices

Develop knowledge and skills for effective business and project procurement. Learn a step-by-step process for converting business or project needs into outsourced goods and services. Select the best suppliers and manage stakeholders involved in the supply chain.

  • Monitor supplier performance, to uphold requirement standards
  • Amend contracts and manage changes during the procurement process
  • Reduce the potential for disputes and legal action

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Project Management Essentials

This course looks at the total project management process: from planning and organizing to implementing and closing. It also describes scope, quality, time, risk and stakeholder management, and the human factors that play an important role in every project.

  • Learn the PMI’s Project Management Processes and Knowledge Areas
  • Use collaborative processes to plan and execute projects
  • Set realistic objectives and ensure a smooth project flow

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Project Portfolio Management

This course describes a disciplined process for linking the organization’s vision and strategy with its project work. Interpret company strategy and use the strategy to drive better portfolio governance. Develop project execution processes that support organizational goals.

  • Define resource allocation, constraints and trade-offs
  • Select the right mix of projects and monitor planned outcomes 
  • Establish an effective portfolio governance structure

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Risk Management Essentials

Risk management is a proactive process for resolving problems before they occur. It’s also about managing the positive outcome of risk: opportunity. This course describes a structured process for identifying and managing both the negative and positive impacts of risk. 

  • Plan response strategies that mitigate potential problems 
  • Capitalize on opportunities to maximize success
  • Apply a proactive process that keeps you on track

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