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No matter where you are in your career, our comprehensive portfolio of leadership programs will help you step up your leadership capabilities to the next level. Inspire others to great performance, and drive your organization forward.

Achieving a Leadership Presence™

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this course is for business leaders who wish to develop the presence we associate with senior executives. Step confidently onto any stage, and hold the room with an unmistakable bearing that distinguishes you as a strong and seasoned leader.

  • Perform your leadership role with energy and compelling self-assurance
  • Use your authentic presence to inspire others
  • Project a dynamic image that elicits trust and respect

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Building a Strong Organizational Culture

This course identifies the cultural factors that make companies unique. Clarify your organization’s culture and map out a plan to enhance it. Explore the most effective leverage points for maintaining your culture’s strengths. Create a great place to work.  

  • Ensure that organizational culture, mission and strategy align
  • Leverage culture as a critical leadership tool
  • Live the core values your company purports to uphold

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Coaching and Mentoring

In this action-packed workshop, you will learn critical coaching and mentoring skills for driving improved performance. Develop competencies and confidence in your team members. Promote a “can-do” attitude for getting the job done well.

  • Raise the expectation bar for better accountability and performance
  • Deal assertively with performance that fails to meet expectations
  • Forge effective mentoring relationships

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Coaching for Leadership Excellence

Coaching is a key role of senior managers, yet it is often only a small component of their managerial training. Designed for senior leaders, this course will enhance your effectiveness by helping you establish coaching skills as an essential element in your leadership toolbox.

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a coach
  • Practice your coaching skills on real workplace issues
  • Increase your peoples’ contribution and job satisfaction

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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Public Sector Leaders

Explore concepts and skills for solution-oriented decision making in a public sector setting. Diversify your facilitation techniques and customize your situational problem-solving approach. Increase your chances of success when presenting recommendations to top decision makers.

  • Coach your staff to bring you ideas rather than problems
  • Manage a structured solution-seeking process
  • Deliver presentations that address public-sector stakeholder needs

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Facilitation Skills for Leaders

Practice skills that will hone your abilities as a facilitative leader. Facilitate dialogues that generate trust within your organization and with stakeholders. Overcome barriers to participation, and help people share their ideas. Keep even the most challenging group discussions focused and productive.

  • Make meetings work by facilitating meaningful engagement
  • Foster a collaborative environment
  • Increase accountability for ongoing results

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The Leader’s Window

This course uses the proven L4 leadership system as a framework for developing the insights and skills of an effective leader. Build awareness of your personal leadership style. Diversify your portfolio of leadership techniques to elevate individual and team performance.

  • Match your leadership style to a specific person or situation
  • Practice techniques for creating smooth working relationships
  • Assert your leadership up, down and across

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Leading High Performance Teams

Organizations that shed traditional hierarchies experience big improvements in performance and customer satisfaction. Get practical tools for building and leading top-performing work teams and for maintaining enthusiasm at the highest level.

  • Redesign how your team functions and assess team effectiveness
  • Improve accountability, commitment and a sense of ownership
  • Empower team members for maximum performance

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Leading with Energy

Great leaders face chronic demands on their energy throughout the day, every day. Learn methods for increasing your energy capacity, and manage your personal energy for effective leadership action. Recover from stress and recharge your batteries for a fresh start.

  • Establish the healthy habits required for peak performance
  • Cope with the daily pressures of today’s productivity-focused workplace
  • Lead from an authentic and inspiring energized state

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Meeting the Leadership Challenge

Challenging and thought-provoking, this intensive six-day program in residence has transformed hundreds of leaders with its unique approach to leadership. Define your personal leadership strengths and values, and discover how to leverage them for organizational success.

  • Grow your leadership skills, confidence, presence and power
  • Inspire others towards top performance
  • Break down boundaries and lead your company into the future

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Taking the Stage®

Delivered in partnership with the Humphrey Group Inc., this high-impact course helps women speak with courage and confidence so they can be seen and heard as leaders. Adopt a "taking the stage" mindset. Script yourself as a leader and unlock the power of your voice. 

  • Portray yourself as a leader rather than a doer
  • Speak with a confident, inspirational presence
  • Develop your skills in a supportive peer-to-peer environment

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The Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership

This course explores Adaptive Leadership, a ground-breaking capacity building and leadership coaching approach developed at Harvard University. Adapt effectively to disruption. Activate the potential in people. Practice collaborative methods for driving systemic change. 

  • Exercise leadership in complex, rapidly changing conditions
  • Keep stress levels within a productive range
  • Mobilize organizational change and innovation

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Winning with Talent

Learn a variety of proven techniques for talent management. Accelerate your own talent by developing a leadership vision and skills that promote talent growth. Win the “talent wars” by attracting and retaining the people best able to deliver the organizational strategy. 

  • Hone your ability to assess and develop talent
  • Empower talented people to do their best work
  • Foster a talent culture in your organization

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