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Our general management and business acumen courses in Vancouver deliver the knowledge and skills managers need to make every opportunity matter. Develop your core management capabilities, sharpen your financial understanding and become more effective in the workplace.

Data Analytics for Managerial Decision Making

Designed for managers with limited exposure to analytics, this course describes, at a managerial level, the use of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to solve business problems, improve organizational decision making and develop opportunities for growth.

  • Understand how analytics can generate new insights
  • Use analytics to base your decisions on fact, not speculation
  • Harness the power of analytics to improve business results

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Essential Management Skills

Designed for new managers, this five-day course develops fundamental core competencies for managerial success. Build dexterity in motivation, communication, team leadership, change management, negotiation, decision making, and other key areas.

  • Set up your teams to succeed and motivate people to give their best
  • Deal productively with conflict, problem behaviours and bad news
  • Engage in practical exercises that focus on your day-to-day issues

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Financial Statement Analysis for the Non-Accountant

Acquire a basic understanding of financial statements and the application of key financial analysis tools. Explore the relationships between investment, operational and financing decisions. Identify the danger signals when assessing the viability of an enterprise.

  • Interpret the impact of key financial figures on your business
  • Make sense of individual statements and balance sheets
  • Uncover irregularities in financial statements

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Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Develop a working knowledge of accounting and financial management. Build confidence in reading financial information. Apply basic financial techniques to support your decision-making process. Integrate financial information with other business functions.

  • Improve your managerial effectiveness
  • Assess the financial viability and impact of business decisions
  • Use capital budgeting techniques to evaluate business alternatives

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Governance and Political Acumen

Apply strategies for bridging the political/administrative interface in public sector organizations. Outfit governance in ways that minimize conflict and misunderstandings. Enhance your political astuteness. Make a leadership difference at all levels in your organization.

  • Clarify roles and facilitate a shared vision and expectations
  • Use diagnostic tools to improve governance effectiveness
  • Lead collaborative efforts to align political and operational strategies

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Increasing Personal Productivity

This course offers a unique experiential approach to increasing your productivity. Develop clear and measurable goals you can realistically reach. Apply proven tools and techniques for managing work and life demands so you can achieve greater focus, energy and effectiveness.

  • Make better decisions on how to align your use of time to your goals
  • Overcome self-defeating habits that inhibit your productivity
  • Create your own customized productivity action plan

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Integrated Management Program

This five-day course provides an integrated understanding of business: financial management, operations, performance management, marketing and strategy. Expand your skill set with applied exercises and gain a holistic view of managing increasingly complex organizations.

  • Appreciate the interrelationships between functional areas
  • Evaluate challenges from multiple angles, to make well-informed decisions
  • Deliver value to your organization on many levels

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