Tech Routes to Market


In 2018, 15-50% of all tech sector revenues worldwide will be invested in route to market (RTM) activities and investments. In almost all cases the RTM investments far exceed the amounts that Tech companies invest in R&D.  

Tech company CEOs, the Venture Capital Firms that fund new Tech companies and the headhunters that attempt to recruit RTM talent, all agree that demand for world class RTM capabilities in hardware, software and telecommunications companies currently outstrips supply. The required tech RTM people are very difficult to recruit, and import into Canada or the USA. When the right people can be located…they are very expensive to hire. 

In this course, participants become world class Tech RTM strategists and tacticians.


  • What are some of the key RTM challenges being experienced by the participants?
  • How does an RTM executive either establish a new, or evaluate and assess a legacy RTM strategy from the perspective of underlying strategy, organizational architecture and geographic and market segment coverage?
  • How do you make sure that the firms’ products and services are ready for the chosen route or routes to market, and the chosen market segments?
  • How do you establish a course for RTM partners that meets their needs to understand how much they will need to invest, how long their investments will take to pay back and what  the impact on their organizational value of working with you will be?
  • How much capacity does your RTM need to have and what capabilities do your routes to market need to have?  
  • What organizational structures do you set up to manage multiple routes to market?  What kind of people do you need and what will they do? How will you compensate your people?
  • How do you change a culture to be at least RTM savvy, if not RTM centric?  What should be in your RTM plan?