family legacy series

Family Legacy Series 2006

Celebrating The Rogers Family

On May 18th, 2006, guests at the fourth Family Legacy Series dinner were treated to a Canadian business icon’s first speaking engagement in Western Canada.

Rogers Communications President and CEO Ted Rogers addressed a sold-out crowd at a fundraiser for the Business Families Centre. After a short film profiling the company and its founder’s history, Mr. Rogers was joined by Vice-Chairman Philip Lind and moderators Philippe and Nan-b de Gaspé Beaubien.

After his father’s untimely death at age 38, Mr. Rogers assumed his legacy when the eight-year old boy’s mother told him his job was guide the family back to communications. After co-founding Baton-Aldred-Rogers Broadcasting at age 26, Mr. Rogers set a demanding personal pace and redefined Canada’s communications industry.

Mr. Rogers discussed his family’s role – from his “tough as nails” mother to his wife Loretta, who was named to the board immediately after their marriage. He spoke of the difficulty of balancing his desire for his children to join the business against their personal aspirations, and the challenge of keeping a family together over generations.

Every family business needs a trusted advisor, and for Ted Rogers, that advisor is Philip Lind, who spoke about establishing relationships between a family business and its eventual successors, and the importance of institutional knowledge.

“Always give advice on what you think is right, not what you think he wants to hear,” he said.