BCom Career Services

The Business Career Centre organizes a range of programs offered throughout the year to help you explore your career interests, discover your hidden talents and connect you with the business community.

Self-assessment tools

The first step in developing any successful career is to get a clear understanding of your strengths, aptitudes and aspirations. We provide you with access to self-assessment tools that will help you clarify your career direction. Throughout the program, coaches will help you develop and work through a personalized career development plan.

One-on-one career coaching

As a UBC BCom student you will have access to a team of experienced career coaches. Your coaching relationship begins at orientation, continues throughout your time at UBC Sauder, and carries into your future career. You’ll get one-on-one advice and support to develop your unique professional brand, explore your career options and make powerful connections with potential employers.

You will also have access to Career Peer Advisors that are trained in cover letter and resume writing.

Jobs board and resources

Once admitted to the UBC BCom program, you will have access to Career Options On-Line (COOL), UBC Sauder’s jobs and events database. Through COOL, you can view and apply for job opportunities, schedule interviews, and sign up for events and coaching appointments. You will also have access to Connect, an online learning platform that connects you to Sauder Career Success Cycle and a host of resources available at the Business Career Centre.

Business Co-op Program

Be ready to hit the ground running in your career by combining your academic studies with practical, paid work experience in your chosen field.

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COMM 202 - Career Fundamentals

Career development is a core part of the BCom curriculum. COMM 202 is a mandatory course presented by BCom Career Managers that equips students with the skills and tools necessary to land summer internships, part-time employment, volunteer and post-graduation job opportunities. You'll learn about cover letter and resume writing, networking and information interviews, as well as about the recruitment opportunities and resources available to you through the Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre.

Networking and recruiting events

The Business Career Centre invests significant time and resources to develop relationships with employers, from dynamic start-ups to big global brands. As a UBC BCom student you’ll be able to participate in:

  • Company information sessions
    Dozens of companies host recruiting sessions on campus during the school year. These events are a great way to learn about different organizations, find out about job opportunities and network with prospective employers.

  • Industry Exchange events
  • Industry Exchange events give you an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to work in a wide range of industries, such as Marketing, Finance, and Consulting. These events are also an opportunity to learn about different types of positions as well as different companies, and to network with professionals in the field.

  • Student-run events
    Career-related events and conferences are also run by the Commerce Undergraduate Society and student clubs.

Mentorship and training programs

Advance your career with the help of an experienced industry professional in one of the following mentorship or training programs. The style and format of the programs vary. Some are geared at getting you recruitment-ready, others are skills focused, but all will help you advance your career.

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Career development workshops

The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre hosts a wide range of workshops and events to help you clarify your career goals and get the skills you need to succeed in the job market, including job finding clubs and workshops on resume and cover letter writing, networking, interviewing, personal branding and negotiations.

Research tools

The David Lam Management Research Library has a wide range of resources to help you research industries, companies, and job opportunities. The library website complements these activities with a powerful research tool that provides remote access to an array of databases and resources. To help you find the information you need, the library's staff offer individualized instruction on using the many available tools.

Alumni career services

The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre supports alumni over their career lifetime with a Alumni Career Services, including coaching, resources and webinars, job postings and mentor programs.