International perspective, global influence

At UBC Sauder, an international perspective runs through everything we do - from the global influence of our teaching and research activities to the diversity of our faculty, staff and students to our international partnerships and worldwide business and alumni networks.


Sauder global partners

Our partnerships enhance UBC Sauder's reputation as a global business school. They also increase the opportunities available to our students to study and work internationally.

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kai and dale sauder

Our faculty members enjoy worldwide recognition for their research excellence, innovative teaching and active business outreach.

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Sauder global network

The UBC Sauder Global Alumni Network is a worldwide community of over 30,000 alumni in 70 countries. Our alumni are committed to helping one another succeed.

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kark aquino

UBC Sauder is recognized as the leader in Canada, and among the best in the world, for business and management research.

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"It may be the most international program in Shanghai. We have great professors and solid education, as well as awesome alumni with strong multi-industry experience."
Elyn Chen, IMBA 2011