Our faculty members are known for world class research, including the analysis, design, and modelling of information systems, the behavioural aspects of how people use and manage systems, and the economic aspects of how to manage and assess investments in information system.

Recent students have studied topics such as e-commerce, e-government, IT security, agile development, resistance to IT, and IT strategy.

Please browse the directory below for more information about our faculty and students.


Usman Aleem

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Izak Benbasat (Emeritus)

Research Interests: Evaluating human-computer interfaces, specifically how to design web-based interfaces to facilitate business-to-consumer electronic commerce; Investigating the role of explanations in intelligent support systems in improving user productivity and knowledge transfer to users; Measuring IT-related competencies, namely, IT knowledge in line managers and business competence in IT professionals, and their impact on the effective deployment of IT.

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Hasan Cavusoglu

Research Interests: Strategic impact of information technology (IT) investments; Relationship between the value of IT and the competitive advantage created by the implementation of IT; Product variety and differentiation on the Internet; Information system security; Information security management; Design and implementation issues in information security management.

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Cenfetelli Ron
Ron Cenfetelli

Research Interests: Human computer interaction; E-Business; IT-mediated customer service; Negative aspects of technology; Structural equation modelling; Survey research techniques; Multi-level modelling.

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Yau-Man Cheung
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Al Dexter (Emeritus)

Research Interests: Analysis, design, evaluation and implementation of information systems; The relationship of information technology and competitive advantage; Electronic commerce; Economics of information; Information technology and organizational form; The contribution of information technology to health care; Legal issues concerning intellectual property.

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Blake Hanna Blake Hanna (Adjunct Professor)

Research Interests: Primary research area of interest is in helping clients achieve the maximum benefits from their transformational technology programs.

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Ning Nan

Research Interests: Complex adaptive systems; Multi-agent modeling; Post-adoptive IT use; Online community; Dispersed teamwork; IT infrastructure.

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Saghafi Arash
Arash Saghafi

Research Interests: Data modelling and analytics; Application of ontology in conceptual modelling; Empirical evaluation of design artifacts.

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Saunders  Adam Saunders

Research Interests: Information Technology and Economics; Intangible Assets; Textual Analysis.

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Wand  Yair Wand (Emeritus)

Research Interests: 
Theoretical foundations and methodologies for systems analysis and design; Information systems modelling; Enterprise modelling; Automation of systems development; Methods to support business process redesign; Human-computer dialogues; Information economics and information requirements analysis; Expert systems development.

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Carson Woo

Research Interests: 
Modelling, designing, and building computer-based systems for supporting organizational activities; The application of speech act theory, ontology, and object-oriented concepts to business and enterprise modelling; Information systems analysis and design.

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PhD Students

  • Amin Khodabandeh Amiri
  • Hongki Kim
  • Moksh Matta