Sauder Alumni Club Executive Board

The Sauder Alumni Clubs are run by alumni for alumni; established to serve the business, social and professional development interests of Sauder’s alumni community. There are five Sauder Alumni Clubs around the world and their missions are to foster a life-long community amongst present and future Sauder alumni, enhance school pride and provide opportunities for alumni to stay engaged and give back. The primary activity of these Clubs is to organize events and activities together professionally and socially.

Each Club is managed by an Executive Board of alumni volunteers, who work closely with Sauder’s Development and Alumni Engagement team. Board members plan events and activities, as well as recruit new volunteers.

The following Alumni Clubs have been established:

Hong Kong

Board members serve a two-year term (with option to renew) and devote approximately 5-10 hours per month, depending on the level of activity of the Club

To learn more about the Sauder Alumni Clubs, apply to become a Board member or volunteer, please contact Jessica Chan,