Support Priority Project: Aboriginal Initiatives

Developing values-based and culturally aware leaders

The University of British Columbia is committed to engaging Aboriginal people in mutually supportive and productive relationships, and works to integrate understanding of Indigenous cultures and histories into its curriculum and operations. It also engages in reflection and action to build intercultural aptitudes, create a strong sense of inclusion, and enrich our intellectual and social life.

At the UBC Sauder School of Business, as part of extending a values-based education to our students, we look to advance knowledge of Indigenous business practices, promote economic opportunities for Indigenous communities and increase access to business education for Aboriginal students.

Through the Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education Initiative, UBC Sauder supports Aboriginal students, entrepreneurs, community leaders and business leaders to build capacity for sustainable economic development in Indigenous communities.

Ch’nook is well established as a provider of quality business education and peer-based networking opportunities in Canada. Our participants go on to excel in their working lives, empowered to build strong relationships and connections while giving back to Aboriginal communities and to the country as a whole.

You can help Ch’nook participants pursue a life-changing business education by contributing to one of our primary programs:


Create an Aboriginal Management Program Award - The Aboriginal Management Program is a certificate for business professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills or develop a new entrepreneurial venture. Awards are vital and help participants cover their tuition as well as the cost of traveling to UBC from remote areas.


Create a Ch’nook Scholars Award - Aboriginal post-secondary students accepted into the Ch’nook Scholars program receive a $2,000 scholarship toward their post-secondary business education as well as funding to attend two annual Gatherings. Awards provide valuable financial assistance and promote networking, skill building and mentorship.


Support a Ch’nook Cousins Regional Event - Help Aboriginal secondary students explore business as a career choice and plan for their future by supporting one of our inspiring and interactive one-day events in various regions of British Columbia and Alberta. We currently host 12-15 regional events per year.

Your support will help Indigenous communities benefit from the new opportunities currently unfolding in Canada and create a sustainable and self-sufficient economic future for Aboriginal people.