A gateway to people's futures

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Our Vision

What matters to you?

Perhaps it’s a safe and sustainable community for you and your family. Perhaps it’s a strong economy and robust employment. Perhaps it’s clean energy or better financial regulation or a health care system that works. Perhaps it’s affordable housing or poverty reduction — in your own backyard or on the other side of the globe.
Maybe it’s a new gadget that will make your life a little smoother or more interesting.

What matters to you also matters to us

Each day at UBC Sauder, we explore ways to create positive change for the world around us through learning, research and engagement with alumni, friends, industry, government and the non-profit sector.

UBC Sauder School of Business is a community of ideas and opportunities. From our location in the great gateway city of Vancouver, we are a gateway to people’s futures.

Tomorrow’s leaders are UBC Sauder’s students

They are the innovators, entrepreneurs, managers, problem solvers, creative decision makers and global citizens who will influence the world of business and tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Our students are taught and inspired by top faculty from more than 23 different countries and a wide range of disciplines, who conduct research around the world and bring that research to the classroom in innovative and engaging ways.

They bring their broad experience, skills and clever minds here from all corners of the globe, each seeking the opportunity to develop their knowledge, their perspectives and their own paths.

They are strengthened by industry leaders and community partners, who provide the real-world problems, projects and practice to ensure students are ready for the marketplace and ready to contribute to the challenges we face.

They are empowered by our generous donors and a global network of more than 36,000 UBC Sauder alumni in 76 countries, who are invested and involved in the future of business and education.

Finally, our students are encouraged to be passionate about everything they do, to take risks and show leadership, and to understand the importance of community and giving back to that community.

As future leaders, our students will push themselves to bring business, society and the environment into a better balance. They will develop the social enterprises that drive vigorous economies and sustainable communities.

They will create innovative products, services and processes to enrich our lives. They will manage people and organizations to achieve excellence across industries and sectors.

They will do all this because people share our vision. Are you ready to see what the future of business could look like?

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